Title: Promises, Promises
Author: ScullyFu
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Posted: 10/21/01

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Summary: Mel has difficulty getting to sleep.
Thanks to Rochel. This little smut biscuit is for you.
Note: This is the tenth story in the series and brings us back to current time. The prequels are over. Dana and Melanie have returned from their trip. Although all stories work as standalones, you may want some background information from the other stories in the Beach Blanket Bingo Universe. All of them are relatively short, so if you want to read them to get caught up, please, be my guest. Go here: http://scullyfu.populli.net/

"Dana," I whisper, not for the first time. She stirs slightly before rolling onto her side, facing away from me. Rubbing our feet together, I try again. "Dana, are you awake?" Instinctively, she pulls her knees up, relinquishing the space to escape the intrusion. When she turns over she takes the greater portion of the sheet with her and I'm left with only the blanket.

Most nights when she's this tired, I can control myself; but there are times like these, when I simply have to have her, need to feel her touch. I don't know why tonight exactly, maybe it's because of earlier.

"Baby, wake up," I coo, laying kisses on her lightly freckled shoulder peeking out from under the sheet. Scooting over and placing my lips directly next to her ear, I try again. "Honey, please, can't you wake up?" She swats her hand at me as though I'm a pesky mosquito buzzing around her head.


Well, at least she's talking. That's a start. "Dana, I need you to wake up. Just for a little while. Please?"

"I can't."

I put my hand under the sheet and begin stroking her sleepy, warm body, trying to coax her to alertness. "But, I really need you to wake up, baby," I whine.

She sighs. She's going to do it. I know it. She turns towards me. Keeping her eyes closed, she asks, "What time is it?"

I take a quick peek at the clock. "Almost two."

She groans. "What is so important?"

My hand continues it travels on her body. Deliberately, I stop to massage her breast. "Can't you guess?"

"Mel, I'm beat."

"Jesus, baby, I want you."

"In the morning."


"I promise." And with that declaration, she turns over again, sticks one hand under her pillow and settles back into slumber.

Shit. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I can't sleep while I'm so damned wound up. I could get up, watch some TV, I suppose. I wonder what's on this time of night. Probably some public-access pseudo-porn show. I've seen the girl who sits around topless, admiring her tits in the soft filtered light. I think she's a bit off. Always talking about her digital camera, the pictures she takes, and how she supports herself as a nude model. Yikes. Personally, I don't think she's all that attractive. But then, there's no accounting for taste.

Besides, TV is what got me so worked up in the first place. We were watching 'Farscape' on the Sci-Fi Channel, catching up on the earlier episodes and both admiring the strength of the main female character, Aeryn Sun.

"You know, you and she sort of resemble each other," she announced between handfuls of unbuttered popcorn.

"You think?" I asked. The comparison made me extremely happy since I think Aeryn is one damn sexy woman. She has that strong, silent thing going on, not to mention her great arms, the girl is buff. And really, who can resist a woman in black leather, especially one that carries a gun? Hmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe that's part of Dana's attraction.

"Uh huh," she continued. "Look at the bone structure," she says, cupping my chin and turning my head to either side. "You both have great profiles, high cheekbones, strong chins."

"Go on," I urged, turning my body fully in her direction.

Taking a swig of her beer, she smiled. "Okay. You both appear to be about the same height; your hair length and skin coloring about the same," she said, putting the popcorn bowl down on the coffee table. "You both have dark eyes." Pulling me into her arms, she whispered, "And you both look absolutely edible in tight leather pants." Her ensuing kisses sent me reeling towards my own outer limits.

Her hands traveled up and down my body, doing a fair bit of space exploration to parts already well known to her. "Dana," I whispered with my head tilted back and her kissing my throat.

"Hmm?" She murmured, using the tip of her tongue to lick my neck all the way up to my ear.

I managed to choke out, "Let's go to bed now."

"Why?" She laughed. "Aren't you enjoying yourself right here?"

She had to know I was. I think I made a kind of grunting response while she nibbled on my ear.

"That's what I thought." She broke physical contact and told me to stretch out on the sofa.

One by one she freed the buttons of my blouse and laid it open. Blowing a warm stream of air over my chest, she said, "You both have great breasts, so full and firm." She proceeded to bend down, her hair wisping over and tickling me, and placed butterfly kisses on my fevered skin.

Damn her. She teased me no end and then left me high and dry. Well, not so dry actually. I've been wet all evening, thinking about her touch and promises not fulfilled. So now I'm frustrated as hell and she's not cooperating any more than she was earlier tonight. "Dana, baby, can you at least hold me?"

Silently, with eyes closed, she opens her arms and I settle into them. I try kissing her lips lightly. "Mel," she warns. "Good night."

This is almost worse than before, if that's possible. Now I can feel her sweet breath on my face; her bare leg draped over mine; her slender fingers burning me through my pajama top. She leaves me no option. If she won't touch me, I'll have to take care of matters myself. I'm about to try asking her once more when I hear her gentle snoring; that settles it.

Sliding my hand off her hip, I place it between us, easing it toward my lower abdomen; the thrill of what I'm about to do titillating. Swirling my hand lower, teasing, I finally allow myself to reach between my legs and immediately shiver at the contact. I catch myself before a moan can escape. Dana is still in dreamland. Even through my pajamas I can feel the dampness. I'm so sexed up. If I don't get some release, I'll never get any sleep. Slowly, I start to rub myself. God, that feels good. Mmmmm. Jesus. My breath increases rapidly. My hand is cupped over my swollen vulva, pressing gently, making myself want more.

I've never done this with Dana holding me. I've never done this with Dana at all. The thought gets me hotter. If she'd only wake up. We've talked about watching each other masturbate, but so far that's all it's been, talk. She's a bit shy in that regard. Although with all the things we've done and experimented with, why she should be hesitant is beyond me. But I respect her and her reasons, whatever they may be. Besides, I think she'll eventually come around. I hope so. I can't think of too many things more erotic than watching her get herself off. Oh God, just the thought of her bringing herself to orgasm makes me groan. This time I can't stifle the sound. Dana doesn't even stir. Dammit!

I'm aching; I can't take it anymore; I've got to get this over with. Moving my hand back up my stomach, I slide it inside my pajamas and panties and down to my clit. Ooh. I think of Dana while I stroke myself; how she touches me softly, building up my need, plunging her fingers inside me, deeper and deeper. I can feel her eyes burning into me, lips full of smoldering kisses, hot breath urging me on. Jesus. Ohohohoh. I can't hold off anymore.

Clamping my eyes shut, my orgasm is imminent. My body is feverish, lights kalidescoping in my brain, my fingers bringing me to climax. I can hear myself whimpering with desire, or is it all in my head? Wait. Something's different. Oh Jesus! Dana is awake. Her hand is gripped over mine, our fingers intertwined, guiding us together inside myself. As the realization hits me, I come hard.

>From somewhere her sweet voice calls to me, "Baby, you are so beautiful." She kisses me, her tongue slowly caressing mine, sending fresh shivers through me. Opening my eyes, they quickly adjust to the dark and I watch transfixed as her hand appears. She runs her fingers over her lips, then slowly, one at a time, sucks them into her mouth, tasting me. She's smiling. Oh, God, let me die now.

Leaning down, she kisses the side of my mouth before burying her head in my neck, sucking gently as she mumbles something I can't make out. My body is humming, oxygen continuing to rapidly pump through my veins.

"Dana," I moan over and over as she pushes my top up. Her mouth is moving lower. Her warm lips tug at my breast while her tongue flicks over my hardened nipple. I can feel myself starting to build up to another orgasm. "Jesus," I cry out as she rakes her teeth gently over me. Her hands are moving at a leisurely pace, touching me with love; this time the promises will be fulfilled. No words needed, she understands perfectly when I wrap my fingers in her hair and guide her lower.

Trailing kisses down my body, she pushes my wet clothes down and tosses them out of her way. As her hands travel languorously up my legs, she positions her head just barely above me and whispers, "You smell good enough to eat." Ohyes,yes,yes,yes,yes.

Of their own volition, my knees bend, spreading me open before her. She bends over, inhales deeply, and nuzzles me with her nose while my ragged breath changes to short breathless sighs. Going lower, she tastes me and involuntarily, my body shakes. "Hmmmm,' she hums against me. Kneading my thighs, she places kisses on their sensitive insides.

"Dana, baby, please," I plead. She knows what I want, what I need. And bless her heart, she gives it to me without hesitation. My brain screams, Thank you, Lord. Tremors overtake my body. Electricity sparks in my extremities, causing me to twitch erratically. Her tongue. Oh God, her sweet rosy tongue. For a long moment it's inside me and then it's pushing against my clit or running over me; then it's back inside me. She's driving me out of my mind. I scream out with frantic pleasure.

She comes up and kisses me: fierce, hard, and intense. Her kiss is possessive. Do with me what you want. I'm yours. I can't refuse. She pulls back to watch me as her fingers enter me again. My hips undulate in counterpoint to her movements. "There," I whimper. "Right there," I gasp. The last thing I see before my eyes close is Dana smiling down at me.

"Now," she whispers. "C'mon, baby. Let go." The sound of her husky voice commanding me causes my body to explode. The pain is sweet as her knotted fingers rhythmically strain and stretch to press deeper. I feel as though I'm outside my own body, floating somewhere warm, basking in streams of light.

The next thing I'm aware of is Dana pulling strands of my hair off my damp face. She kisses my eyelids and when I open them, she says, "Hi, baby."

I smile and raise up to kiss her. "Thank you."

"My pleasure," she says grinning. Pulling the covers up over the naked bottom half of my body, she takes a moment to adjust my top so I don't get chilly.

"I thought you were asleep."

"Something woke me up," she says while placing a kiss on my cheek.


"Not really. It was more a feeling, a sense, or something. I can't really explain it."

"Well, whatever it was, I'm glad you did."

"Me, too."

"It made it all that much better with you coming to my rescue," I smile.

"Point of order. You were the one coming," she chuckles. "Anyway, it looked like you had things well in hand." This time she can't contain herself and breaks out in a full-blown bout of laughter at her middle of the night word games.

"It's all your doing anyway, honey. You really shouldn't tease me like you did and then not follow through."

"I'll remember that."

"So, I guess it's your turn next."

"My turn?"

"Yes, your turn, baby. You know how we've talked about masturbating in front of each other? Well, I've had my turn. As they say, the ball's in your court."

She hesitates. "Mel, I don't know."

I know she had a strict religious upbringing concerning sexual matters, I wonder if that has anything to do with this? "Come on, honey. There's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. You just get started and I'll join in. Like you just did for me. Okay?"

"Let me think about it?" she asks warily.

"There's no rush, baby. We're going to be together for a long time. Whenever you feel comfortable is fine." I pull her to me and kiss her tenderly. "And if you never want to? Well, that's okay, too. I'll love you either way. No pressure, honey."

She's silent for a moment. "Can you get to sleep now?" she asks.

"Oh, yes," I chuckle. "I'm suddenly quite relaxed. But how about you?"


"Yes, you. Aren't you a little keyed up about now? Because if you are, I can take care of that quite easily." I kiss her again, this time stroking the inside of her mouth with my tongue as my hands smooth their way over her body.

She breaks back from me. "Mel, I'm still really tired."

"Are you sure?"


"Anytime, anywhere, baby."

"In the morning?" she asks, smiling broadly.

Crossing my heart, I reply, "I promise."

"Come here," she says, scooting closer and wrapping her body around mine. "I love you."

"I love you too, baby."


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