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Dana Scully

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Beach Blanket Bingo Universe

    Posted on 8/15/00
    Summary: Dana gets overheated in the noon day sun.
    Rated: NC-17          10K          ScullySlash

    Posted on 8/30/00
    Summary: Dana and Mel are being watched.
    Rated: G          11K          ScullySlash

  3. FEAR OF FLYING by ScullyFu
    Posted on 9/17/00
    Summary: Mel makes Dana an offer she *can* refuse and one she can't.
    Rated: NC-17          25K          ScullySlash

    1 thru 3 - BEACH BLANKET BINGO UNIVERSE by ScullyFu
    Posted on 10/21/00
    *** The first three installments combined on one page ***
    Rated: NC-17 Overall          42K          ScullySlash

  4. FIRST CONTACT by ScullyFu
    Posted on 11/4/00
    Summary: I'm curious. Just how did Dana and Mel meet?
    Rated: NC-17          82K          ScullySlash

  5. THE VISIT by ScullyFu
    Posted on 01/01/01
    Summary: Mel comes to town on business.
    Rated: NC-17          105K          ScullySlash

  6. THE TRUTH COMES OUT by ScullyFu
    Posted on 04/07/01
    Summary: Mel gets the job!
    Rated: NC-17          65K          ScullySlash

  7. INSOMNIA by ScullyFu
    Posted on 05/17/01
    Summary: Dana is late getting home; Mel starts worrying.
    Rated: NC-17          25K          ScullySlash

  8. SHE WANTS YOU by ScullyFu
    Posted on 07/01/01
    Summary: There's someone new in the mix.
    Rated: PG-13          10K          ScullySlash

  9. MOMENT OF DOUBT by ScullyFu
    Posted on 09/02/01
    Summary: Dana is hurting, but can she share her pain?
    Rated: NC-17          96K          ScullySlash

  10. PROMISES, PROMISES by ScullyFu
    Posted on 10/21/01
    Summary: Mel has difficulty getting to sleep.
    Rated: NC-17          16K          ScullySlash

  11. POP GOES THE WEASEL by ScullyFu     New!
    Posted on 01/15/02
    Summary: Scully's first case back deals with a rash of baffling deaths.
    Rated: PG-13          100K          ScullySlash

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to email me with your responses to the continuing Saga of Dana and Melanie. I'm so loving writing these two women, who at times couldn't be more polar opposite; and, other times,. well, they're right in sync. <g>

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